Today we’re going to answer the question, “Are any medications covered by Medicare A and B?” The simple answer is “yes,” in certain instances, some medications will be covered by Medicare A and B. However, other times Medicare A and B will not cover your medications. In this article, we outline when your medications will be covered by Medicare and teach you exactly what you need to do to make sure they get covered. 

What Medications are Covered By Part A?

Medicare Part A is for inpatient stays. So let’s say you’re admitted to a hospital or to a skilled nursing facility. As long as Medicare Part A covers your stay, the meds used during that stay will also be covered by Medicare Part A. 

What Medications are Covered By Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B coverage is for outpatient services. This means any meds you have to take at a facility (injectable medications, intravenous medications, and things like that) will be covered by Medicare Part B. One important thing to note here is that Part B will only cover outpatient medications if the outpatient facility purchases and administers the medication. 

For example, some individuals with osteoporosis have to go to an outpatient facility to take their shots. Typically, Part B will cover those shots since they’re purchased and administered in an outpatient clinic. 

Part B also pays for insulin in some instances. If you are using an external pump to administer insulin and Part B pays for the pump, then they will typically cover your insulin as well. Further, Medicare Part B pays for some vaccinations. They’ll usually cover flu shots, pneumonia shots, and hepatitis B vaccinations. Of course, there are many other vaccinations you may need, but those will be covered by a drug plan. Which takes us to our next question.

What Medications are Covered By Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D (drug plans) will cover self-administered medications. Meaning you went to the pharmacy, picked them up yourself, and administer them at home. These are typically your maintenance medications like cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart medications.  

How to Ensure Medicare A & B Covers Your Medications

As mentioned earlier, Medicare Part A and B will cover certain medications administered in inpatient and outpatient settings. However, to ensure Part A and B cover your meds, you have to use the right insurance card. So if you’re going in for an inpatient or outpatient service and you want Medicare to cover your meds, be sure to give both your Medicare and your Supplemental plan card to the healthcare provider. This ensures Medicare pays first, and the Supplemental policy covers the balance. Sometimes people make the mistake of only handing the provider their drug plan card, but for certain situations (like inpatient and outpatient care), Medicare and your Supplemental plan will cover the bill, not your Part D drug plan. 


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