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Why MedicareSchool.com?


Medicare Can Be a Mess

You want the best health coverage for your money. But there is so much conflicting and confusing information around which Medicare plan is right for you. Between all the different plans to choose and rules to follow, making the right decision feels almost impossible. Not to mention the added sales pressure making the process infinitely more painful.

Education Is the Answer

At MedicareSchool.com, we believe that better education will transform the way people begin Medicare. Through our in-depth workshops, we empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to get the best Medicare plans and live retirement worry-free.
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Transforming the Medicare Process

No more sifting through confusing and conflicting information.

Our straightforward process makes choosing Medicare easy.


Explore Our Workshops

In our 30-minute workshop, you’ll learn the Medicare essentials. We also have in-depth workshops for you to explore to gain a deeper understanding of Medicare.

Talk to a Medicare Guide

When you’re ready to select a plan, our award-winning guides will help you compare plans and enroll in the right one for you.

Get on With Life

The hard part is over. Now you can enjoy your retirement with peace of mind knowing you have the best possible Medicare coverage.
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A Refreshing Experience

Get clear Medicare guidance without all the stress.


Our education-first approach is designed to help you learn and understand all your options, not sell you products. Our workshops will provide you the education you need to feel confident about choosing the right Medicare plans.

100% Free

MedicareSchool.com won't cost you a dime. We are paid by insurance companies to provide our services. You don't have to pay anything to get the Medicare guidance you need.

Unbiased Guidance

As brokers, we can show you all of your options because we don’t work for any individual insurance company. Our top priority is presenting you with the best options to get you the right plan(s).

No Sales Pressure

We aren’t pushy, and we don’t pester you with sales calls. Since we pay our guides a flat amount, they have no incentive to recommend one plan over another. They're here to do what's in your best interest and find the plan that's best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MedicareSchool.com make money?

MedicareSchool.com is a completely free education service that helps people find the best Medicare plan for them. However, to put food on the table, insurance companies pay us to continue providing Medicare education and guidance.

Is MedicareSchool.com licensed?

Yes, we are licensed to offer insurance products in all 50 states. All MedicareSchool.com Guides are licensed, trained, and undergo rigorous annual certification to help you select the best Medicare plan possible for your needs and your budget.

Are MedicareSchool.com Team Members incentivized to push certain plans over others?

No. Although insurance companies compensate us for the Medicare education and guidance we provide, the MedicareSchool.com Guide you work with will be impartial to any particular plan or carrier because they are paid the same regardless of which plan you choose to enroll in.

Is it more expensive to buy insurance through MedicareSchool.com?

No. Any Medicare plan that a MedicareSchool.com Guide helps you enroll in will cost the same with or without their help. In fact, our Guides are trained to get you the best Medicare plan possible for your budget and save you money.

How are we different from other Medicare sites?

Most Medicare sites will either try to sell you their plan as ‘the best’ or overwhelm you with confusing, complicated, and contradictory information. MedicareSchool.com is designed to do the complete opposite of that by simplifying information, teaching you about Medicare and providing 100% unbiased guidance to help you get the right plan for your unique situation.

Can we get you a lower price on a Medicare plan?

Yes, we will always find you the lowest rate possible and will recommend plans with discounts when and if they are available.

Is MedicareSchool.com affiliated with any insurance companies?

No, we are not affiliated with any insurance companies. We are insurance brokers for all the major Medicare companies. We work for you to find the best price and plan, instead of pushing any single particular insurance company.

Selecting your Medicare plans is a big decision, bigger than you might think. By choosing the wrong plan, you could spend retirement fighting with insurance companies just to get the care you need or dealing with lifelong penalties.

But with the right information and the proper guidance, you won’t have to spend a day worried about your Medicare coverage and having access to the healthcare you need.

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100 Thousand Helped and Counting

This is a VERY helpful workshop. After watching, I'm no longer anxious about the Medicare process. It was so overwhelming before the workshop. 5 Stars!

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Wanda S.

Get the Right Medicare Plan For You

If you want the best Medicare plans for your retirement, give us a call. We provide the education and award-winning guidance you need to make the right decision the first time.

And since we give you claims support for the life of your policy, you can always count on us to help adjust your coverage whenever your needs change.

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