Are you still waiting on your cards?

If you recently enrolled in an Advantage plan through and haven’t received your cards yet, please be patient. This is likely due to one of two reasons.

  1. Most insurance companies take anywhere from 7-21 days to mail out your cards. If you feel the need to check on the status or if you need your member ID # because you need to see a doctor or pick up a medication, please contact us and we are often able to look up and provide your member ID # to you if it has been generated by the insurance company.
  2. Often the insurance company will mail out your insurance cards in a separate envelope instead of including them in your larger packet/policy. Sometimes they are accidentally discarded because they look like junk mail. If you are afraid you did this - please contact us and we can get new cards issued and sent to you.

If you have any questions not addressed by this article, please contact us.