Do you have billing questions about Medicare Part A & B?

Here are the answers to our most common questions on Medicare Part A & B premium payments and billing.

Below are answers to our most common questions on Medicare Part A & B premium payments and billing.

How do I pay for Part B?

Your part B premium will be automatically deducted from your social security check IF you are receiving social security benefits.  If you are not, the premium invoice will be mailed to you quarterly, and you can mail in a check for the premium payment. Note - the first premium invoice will be for between 2-5 months.  

The due date is tomorrow - how do I pay it that quickly?

You have 30 days of grace period past the due date to submit your premium payment.

How do I set up Part B premium to come out of my checking account.

If you would like Medicare to auto-deduct the Part B premium monthly from your checking account instead of mailing in a check every quarter, you can fill out a Medicare EZ Pay form and mail it in. You can find the form here. The mailing address is on the form. 

Note: If you decide to fill out the Medicare EZ Pay form upon receiving a quarterly bill, you can simply send in the form, and they will begin deducting the premium. You do not need to send in the form AND a premium payment. (See note about grace period above).

I am being charged a higher Part B premium because of my income, how can I appeal it?

If you are being charged a Medicare Part B High-Income Surcharge (IRMAA), you can appeal this surcharge by submitting this form to the social security office via fax. Please note that you have to have a life-changing event in order to appeal the surcharge. Please refer to page five of the form to see the list of life-changing events. Once you have completed the form, look up your local social security office fax number here and send it via fax - or drop it off at your local social security office. If you need help with this form or have questions, please contact us.