How do I change my Advantage Plan?

Want to make updates to your plan? Learn more about when and how to change your plan.

Barring special circumstances (such as moving out of the plans service area or qualifying for low-income subsidy) you can only change your Advantage Plan during the annual enrollment period that runs from October 15 - December 7. 

Don’t believe the advertisements & commercials you see on TV about how there are “new benefits you may qualify for” and “new Medicare changes” for the coming year. These are simply advertisements designed to elicit a response to sell new plans. Instead, follow the instructions below:

  • You will receive an ANOC (Annual Notice of Change) in late September of every year.
  • OPEN THE PACKET and read through it in full.
  • The document will list your monthly premium change (if any), any benefit changes for next year along with any medications they have added or deleted from their formulary. Generally, the plans try to keep the benefits very similar from year to year.
  • If everything looks good - there is nothing you need to do.
  • Please Note: Your plan will auto-renew. You do not need to re-enroll. 

If however there are major changes or one of your medications has been dropped from the plan formulary, you can schedule an appointment with us to review your plan options and we would be happy to help you choose a new plan if necessary. 

Your new coverage will begin on January 1st.